Splatoon 2 And Super Smash Bros Ultimate Get Updates

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Splatoon 2 And Super Smash Bros Ultimate Get Updates

What a great time for competitive gamers!

Two new updates that are decidedly worth your time have been released for two great Switch games. Coincidentally, Splatoon 2‘s received its final content update on the same day Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – a game not even officially released yet! – received its very first update.


Among many other tweaks, Splatoon 2‘s update, 4.3.0, brings a total of 8 new weapons, some including the final Kensa collection items. It also brings new chunks: The Main Power Up chunk, which the game could have used all along. And the combined chunks, Bomb Defense Up + Cold Blooded, to create Bomb Defense Up DX.

Bomb Defense Up DX automatically replaces your Bomb Defense Up chunks, while Main Power Up becomes its own new chunk to collect. This means Main Power Up can be a primary and secondary chunk set, which essentially means more grinding through the online gameplay or campaign modes to collect food tickets to ease the length of that grind. If you want to make the grind a little easier, Annaki gear apparently will collect more Main Power Up chunks.

If you’d rather ignore the grind, I’d recommend grabbing a few pieces of gear that has a primary chunk of Main Power Up and just filling them with Main Ink Saver and/or Main Ink Refill. There’s no set rules of what chunks to use with which gear or anything, but I’d strongly recommend using Main Ink Saver on weapons that use up ink fast and Main Ink Refill on the weapons that are light on ink use.

For complete patch notes, I’d point you here.

Not like you’re unaware, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is officially being released this Friday, December 7th 2018. Being that its December 5th as of this writing, it’s a little odd to already receive an update. Although, SSBU was already expected to get an update on launch day, so maybe it’s come a bit early.

Not much info is given in regards to this update. Could it be the insertion of Piranha Plant? A fix to its coinciding amiibo? Whatever it is, it clocks in at 400MB. And it’s available to download update 1.1.0 right now if you’ve bought the pre-order. Presumably only for digital pre-orders.

That’s all we’ve got! Are you excited for Splatoon 2’s newest update or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s release? Let us know!

(Source: NintendoEverything)



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