Splatoon 2 Adding Two New Special Weapons

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Splatoon 2 Adding Two New Special Weapons

Splatoon 2‘s official Japanese Twitter account announced a few new weapons are arriving in the upcoming update, releasing November 6th and 7th (dependent on your region). Both look to be fairly dangerous for opposing Teams.

First off, we’re getting a new Special weapon called the Ultra Stamp. By now, you may have seen videos or pictures of this enormous hammer that slams down on the ground (and occasionally, on opponents in the way) leaving a stamp marking of the in-game brand behind its’ creation. As if the pummeling stamp, seen below, doesn’t already look like a major pain in the butt to opponents, they also announced a new Sub weapon.


Source: Youtube

Did you catch the end of the Ultra Stamp video in the Header of this post? Yeah. You can through this giant stamp hammer at enemies as well to end your Special’s use.

The new Sub weapon, called the Torpedo, brings along its own style of devastation that may rival the Ultra Stamp. This new little bomb gets thrown into the air where it morphs into a homing torpedo that locks onto close by opponents and quickly splashes down into them, bursting ink all over the place in the process. It looks small but it also looks like it’s more of a direct hit than the Auto Bombs already in the game. Watch it in action below, via Nintendo Versus on Twitter:

On top of that, the map titled “The Reef” will be under construction until November 7th, as well.

Considering the Booyah Bomb and the Fizzy Bomb are only on one or two new weapons, the chances are that this new Special and Sub weapon will also only be on a new weapon set or two as well. When you look at all the previous weapon sets and how they rely on the ‘same old’ bombs and Specials in lots of mix ‘n’ match options, seeing these new weapon sets coming so late to the party kind of makes one feel the inevitable is near. Splatoon 2 has an expiry date, as of July 2019 and we’re quickly approaching it. It makes sense the game developers would want to add increasingly wild weapons now before they move on to the next game. It’s quite possible we’re seeing one of two things: Either we’re witnessing the developers showing off their craziest ideas, or we’re getting a sneak peek at what kind of weapons we might see in Splatoon 3. Yes, Splatoon 3 is likely a sure bet. Thank the video gaming Gods.

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Source: Nintendo Life



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