Rocket League Haunted Hallows Event Is Back And We’re Late!

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Rocket League Haunted Hallows Event Is Back And We’re Late!

Rocket League’s Haunted Hallows event, a Halloween annual theme the developers have put into the game, has returned as of October 15th. And for no good reason, we’re only just now hearing about it! (Unless managing life and jobs and cats and websites and stuff are valid reasons…)

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The Haunted Hallows event will go on until November 5th, then it will end at 2PM PST, 5PM EST, and 10PM BST. In this special holiday event, playing online will gain you candy corn as in-game currency you can trade in for decals, wheels, as well as toppers and other Halloween-y items.

Psyonix also added a Golden Pumpkin, which will unlock an item for selected crates, namely the Player’s Choice, Nitro, or Turbo ones.

As some people will undoubtedly aim to gain as much Candy Corn as they can get, they will have a bit of leeway in spending that currency. While the limited time event does end on November 5th, stated above, the Candy Corn currency can still be spent for the following 72 hours.

Rocket League is a cross-platform game played on the Playstation and Xbox as well as the Nintendo Switch. It involves battle cars playing soccer. It’s crazy as a mash-up, but it’s amazingly addictive. There are several multiplayer modes that include different sizes in teams. And if your usual region isn’t actively involved in the game, it’s simple to switch to another region. If your game’s not fast paced and players aren’t moving, it’s a sign to switch servers.

One problem I have with Rocket League is its inability to kick out idlers. People who join into the games only to farm crate loot. It’s no fun when several vehicles are just sitting in the arena, parked. Getting up suddenly or being distracted is one thing, but sitting idle on purpose deters new players from wanting to keep going. Especially when the new player sees it in several different teams. But believe me, newbies. It’s worth it when you find the real teams that are actively participating!

And as of 11:50PM Toronto-time (EDT), I can confirm that Haunted Hallows is LIVE on the Nintendo Switch version. Candy Corn may not be your usual favorite treat for the holiday, but you’ll definitely want some from this event!

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