Reviewing Splatoon 2’s New Kensa Splattershot Pro

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Reviewing Splatoon 2’s New Kensa Splattershot Pro

The latest Splatoon 2 update has finally arrived and it’s brought a few new items and the final map along with it. While the stage, named the Skipper Pavilion, is pretty interesting, it’s also sad to know it’s the final map being added. This may be the unpopular opinion, but I was really hoping all the past Splatfest maps would finally be added in the regular rotations. After all, they’re no longer being used and they did have plenty of work involved in the design and creation of the map. Really, it’s a shame that’s all been done for a mere 24 hours.

Skipper Pavilion Splatoon 2

Source: @NintendoEurope


However, right now I’d like to focus on the new Kensa Splattershot Pro. The Kensa Splattershot Pro includes a Splat Bomb sub weapon and the new, highly anticipated Booyah Bomb special.

Kensa Splattershot Pro

Source: Nintendo Wire

The Kensa Splattershot Pro’s range, damage, and fire rate are identical to the regular Splattershot Pro. Compared to the Splattershot Jrs and regular Splattershots, the range is much better, the damage is only a little better, and the fire rate is fairly underwhelming. Right off the bat, I would recommend using some Main Ink Saver chunks on gear of your choice. This should give your fire rate a little more bang for its buck. It’s still too early for me to tell if it’d be better to use Special Charge Up or Special Power Up chunks to enhance the Booyah Bomb, but I’m leaning towards the Power Ups.

The Splat Bombs are not my favorite sub weapons. As a special, they’re okay since you throw off so many, and they do blow up quite suddenly on opponents who may be caught unaware of the danger they’re in. But as a sub, they’re iffy. You have to have fairly precise aim with them, including knowing just how they roll. They don’t make too much of a mess, and they don’t really make your opponent run in the other direction. Often an Inkling or Octoling can take a bit of a hit from these bombs without a second thought about reaction. Compared to the Auto Bombs which make opponents scatter, or Curling Bombs that can make opponents think twice near or far, these Splat Bomb sub weapons aren’t very threatening. And for quick little bursts, you may think you could throw a few more on a full tank of ink than other bombs. But you’ll get two out before needing to refill. Maybe three or four if you’re using Sub Weapon Ink Saver chunks. More power to you.

Splatoon 2 Booyah Bomb

Source: Nintendo Everything

The Booyah Bomb is appealing. I want to love this special. The animation to it makes it look powerful and in terms of covering Turf, it certainly does a good job. Reinstating, it presumably does a better job if you equip a few Special Power Up chunks on your gear. And it does get enemies to run in other directions when they know they’re targets. But there’s nothing that signals where it’s going to land, at least if you’re not actually looking at the person throwing this weapon. Fortunately when it does land, quick reaction can help you squid out of danger and continue on since the bomb takes a couple seconds as its burst expands. Another appealing feature is that after so many updates and weapon additions, Nintendo finally found an actual use for the “Booyah” button, besides just irritating the person you splatted. Unfortunately, since this update is the last one for maps, it’s only a matter of time before there are no more weapon additions as well (don’t worry, they still promise a few on the way). So currently in the plethora of weapons in the shop, only two have the Booyah Bomb. Likewise, only two have the Fizzy Bomb as well. But that’s for another review.

The Booyah Bomb’s power is impressive but also not as powerful as it looks. If you stand still, a near hit could easily wipe you out. But assuming you’re conscious and moving, you’re going to be able to clear the area fairly easily. Also it may be too early to really know how most people will use it but I would wager most will use it in the following ways: Either from a distance when they’re in the clear so they can have a decent view and see what’s going on, or up close and personal when they’re in danger. From a distance, this bomb has a lot of potential. Its range is impressive and again, the burst as it expands is really good for covering Turf and clearing out enemies. Up close, not so much. First, your character jumps in the air as the bomb begins to form. Then, like the Splashdown, they hover there, waiting for the bomb to charge. This gives the enemies more than enough time to assess the situation and prepare their escape plans. Once charged and thrown, the enemies still have that reaction time period to squid out of the way. And since they’ve already had a moment to think about doing just that, chances are they’re prepared. In fact, they may even sit and shoot at you while the bomb charges. Laughing at your “oh so powerful, look how mighty I am” momentary pause in the air.

But what is cool about the Booyah Bomb is the team’s interactions with it. To charge the bomb, you simply click the Booyah button repeatedly. But your whole team can do the same to speed up your charge. And their incentive, because people need incentive, for doing so is that it helps boost their own special charge as well. You’re helping your teammate by spamming Booyah, and helping yourself. And if you’ve played anywhere near 700 hours like I have, you know people just love clicking Booyah anyways. At least “Always Booyah Back” actually has a legitimate reason to exist now.

Booyah Bomb Example

Source: Go Nintendo

Turning the focus back to the Kensa Splattershot Pro itself, the gun has its prose and cons. Mobility is average compared to any lightweight weapon in the game. The fire rate is much slower than the Splattershot Jr. and it depletes your ink much faster, but the damage can take out an enemy much easier in the same comparison. Its range is top notch in the Splattershot family and if your aim is precise, you should have no problems. If you’re like me and used to the Splattershot Jr., you might want to turn down your joycon sensitivity a little when using this gun. It would seem the nozzles of this weapon family get tighter as they go up, Splattershot Jr.s being loose and therefore easier to aim while Splattershot Pros are more precise and therefore require more accuracy. And that makes perfect sense just from the looks of the guns, as the Jr.s are toys in comparison to the Pros.

All things considered, this gun set is pretty nice and worth taking the time to get used to it. It may not become my personal main weapon choice but it’s certainly a go-to option in my personal collection. I would recommend it certainly and leave it up to you to decide if you’re going to throw down the in-game currency to purchase it or not.




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