Redeem These Rocket League Codes For Fun Freebies

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Redeem These Rocket League Codes For Fun Freebies

A bunch of freebies as well as one cool easter egg.

UPDATE: Using code ‘rlnitro’ will give you gear from the Nitro Circus!


Fans of Psyonix’s Rocket League came together in a Nintendo Life forum and shared some codes you can redeem in the game. Curious, I decided to check them out myself and I can verify, these codes actually do work! At first, I thought it was a couple of people trolling others, and that the other people were playing along after, presumably, trying it and quickly realizing the codes were a gag. But they are absolutely not! These codes unlock various items, mostly WWE related, and a certain famous code entered at the title screen will give you a neat little easter egg. A throwback to the games previous title (Yep, Rocket League‘s a sequel!).

First of all, let’s make sure you know where to enter these because some players may not have bothered to fully explore the game’s menu.

The main menu, where you can choose to Play, or check the Garage, etc., has a button for “Extras”. Click “Extras” and you’ll find a “Redeem” sub-menu. Clicking “Redeem will then let you add text into a text box. This is where you want to be for most of these codes.

First, let’s get a basic but apparently exclusive one out of the way. To gain the “Popcorn” turbo trail, simply type in:


and press the “+” button.

Imagine my surprise when this actually worked! I simply had to try them all! I’m not a big WWE fan (off and on, it depends) but I do like free gear for the sake of having more items. The next codes unlock various WWE RAW and WWE NXT items, and yes, one or two of the codes will give you more than one item.

Go back to “Extras” > “Redeem” and enter the following three codes, in no specific order:


You’ll receive banners and flags for the following:


You’ll also get a new set of wheels:


And that’s all the codes I’ve found so far. Wait, but there’s the easter egg too…

Exit the game, close it and reopen the game. When you get to the title screen, enter the most famous code around, the Konami code. THE Konami code! You know it!:

↑↑↓↓← → ← → b a +

The game itself doesn’t change, but the title screen and accompanying music will! Actually, now that I think about it, it would have been wildly amazing if it reverted the whole game to the previous version. C’est la vie! Enjoy what you can get and the nifty little easter egg, and maybe new secret codes will come about soon. How do people even find these codes originally???

Like what you got from these codes? Let us know below in the comments if you’ve found new ones!

Source: Nintendo Life (various users)



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