Pre-Ordered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Now Pre-Schedule Matches!

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Pre-Ordered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Now Pre-Schedule Matches!

By far, the longest time taken to add maps to Clan Wars…

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming this December 7th, not that I think you need to be reminded. I know I have my pre-order pay receipt safely put away for that particular day. Have you got yours? Or are you still on the fence? Maybe we can bring you down off that fence with a little bit of exciting news!

We are proud to announce that we have added all 103 Stages to our Clan Wars Game entry for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Have you registered to our site yet? If not, click here. Register and create a Clan (Team), or find one to join (we recommend creating a new one for now, we’re still new.). Then highlight the “Clans” tab in our main menu and click “Search Clans By Game“. When the “Clan War Games” block pops up, find Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, click it, and you’ll find other Clans ready to do battle against you. For more details on the entire “How-to”, check our FAQ.

Whether you’ve pre-ordered the game or you’re planning to very soon, you can now challenge other Clans and set the date and time for the very day the game releases! What more awesome of a way to enjoy your brand new video game than to be able to know you already have people lined up to play against you? Don’t forget to set the “External Link” field with your Twitch URL so the rest of us can tune in! In fact, we may open up our “Streams” page to feature some of you!

Of course, you can schedule matches after the release date, any day and time, provided the other Clans accept of course. We just think having it ready and able to provide matches on the very release date is exciting.

If that’s not enough, perhaps I can give you a few extra reasons to book your pre-order for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

1. Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Gamecube Controller (Switch)

Some people are big fans of Super Smash Bros. Melee, released on the Nintendo Gamecube (and playable on the Nintendo Wii… and Wii U, with the help of mods). But some people just really love the feel and style of the classic Gamecube controllers. Especially for playing Smash Bros. of any variety they can use the controller for.
Thankfully for these people, Nintendo understands that fans of the game may want to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch using a Gamecube controller.

There are a couple things to note with this controller, however. First, it is a GAMECUBE controller. That means you’ll also need to buy this Gamecube-to-USB adapter in order to use it on the Nintendo Switch.

And user MHzBurglar points out in an answer to a question regarding the controller used on a Switch, “Due to button differences, it does not support the zL, minus ( – ), Home, Left stick click, and Rright stuick[sic] click buttons”.

Okay, assuming those matter to you, you may not be too hyped for this controller. But it would be a great addition to your Gamecube, regardless.

2. Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Pro Controller

Sure, it’s not like using a Gamecube controller. But it’s built specifically for the Nintendo Switch, and designed especially for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The pro controllers have been praised in reviews for how great they feel and work by several players and reviewers. If you haven’t bought one already, this may just be the controller for you.

It’s absolutely stylish and any collector would probably love to have one! It’s got all the functions you need, including HD rumble, amiibo compatibility, and motion control. And it’s wireless. No adapters for this controller! Maybe this is Nintendo’s way of not-quite-saying it’s time to move on up from the Gamecube days (I know, how dare they not-actually say that…). A bonus feature many people may not yet know: The Switch recognizes these types of specialty controllers. So when you’re playing friends on the same console, you should have an easier time recognizing this controller when you are pairing up several of them.

3. Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition

The ultimate bundle for this list! Maybe you haven’t pre-ordered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because you’re still waiting to buy a Nintendo Switch in the first place. Maybe you just want a second Switch in the house. In either case, Nintendo’s bundled up an ultimate deal.  This Nintendo Switch bundle does not include the controllers above, you’ll have to buy one or both separately if you really want them. But it does have some exclusive joycons and a dock that’s perfect for the biggest Super Smash Bros. fans.

This bundle also comes with a download code for the game itself, which arrives December 7th. You’ll be one of the very first to be able to jump into a match while a bunch of us wait for Gamestop to open and hand out our physical pre-orders. The designed dock and joycons just rubs that fact in our faces every time we see it. We see you’re an ultimate fan, we salute you, but we’re also going to battle against you. So expect to see our Clan challenging you at some point!

What do you think? Are you grabbing the game by itself or are you going to grab one of these items with it? 

Products linked in this article are part of Amazon’s affiliation program. By clicking on them, we may end up receiving some money. We hope you understand, any money received through this article will go directly back into building and maintaining, and growing, our website. 



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