PowerA Introducing Diablo III-Themed Wireless Switch Controller

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PowerA Introducing Diablo III-Themed Wireless Switch Controller

Just days ago, Nintendo announced a Diablo III-themed Nintendo Switch bundle, which you can check out here. It looks great but now it might look a little incomplete.

PowerA has announced a wireless Nintendo Switch controller that looks perfect for any Diablo III die-hard fans. Or just fans of anything wicked, really. Take a look and read on after the jump!


Source: Nintendo Life

This PowerA Nintendo Switch controller has all the regular mapping button options, plus some buttons you can customize on the backside. It also has motion control, which is an important feature some Nintendo Switch controllers seem to forego. It’s officially licensed and connects via Bluetooth to the Switch. Basically, it’s a new pro controller, with extra buttons.

The Great News: Besides that it looks awesome enough to be in any Nintendo Switch collection (but probably more-so in a collection that also has the Diablo III game), it’s relatively cheap. You can pick this up at Gamestop or PowerA directly for $49.99. Being Canadian, I imagine that’s USD. And that since Gamestop is the exclusive retailer to obtain the rights to sell this, Canadians will have to rely on PowerA’s website or, in a late effort, eBay. Gamestop, which Canadians know more familiarly as EBGames, for whatever reason often holds exclusive items out of our grasp. But hey, this is the Great News.

The Bad News: The controller takes AA batteries, for about 30 hours of gameplay. Why PowerA went this direction is beyond me. They couldn’t go with USB-C like its official Nintendo counterpart? With today’s technology, this is madness!

The Good News: You don’t need to have the new Nintendo Switch bundle just to have this controller. But it would certainly look like a more complete set if you did pick one up.

What do you think? Worth the price? Gonna get one of your own? Let us know!



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