Oct. 21st, 2018: Unofficial Nintendo Day In Oshawa, Ontario?

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Oct. 21st, 2018: Unofficial Nintendo Day In Oshawa, Ontario?

Pokemon GO Community Day, Splatoon 2 Splatoween Splatfest, Rocket League Haunted Hallows, and Super Mario Odyssey’s new Mario costume. So much to do!

Today, October 21st, 2018, appears to be an unofficial Nintendo celebration for residents of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada! There’s a little bit of something for every fan going on this weekend as part of an early celebration for Halloween. But because that early celebration is all taking place this weekend, today happens to have Nintendo fans taking advantage and seizing the day.


Source: Youtube

Up first, Psyonix’s Rocket League: Haunted Hallows event has been live for the past few days. We should point out, since this isn’t Nintendo’s event really, Haunted Hallows is also happening on other platforms, such as Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox. In the event, you can earn Candy Corn as currency for holiday-exclusive items. Fortunately, this event is stretching out until November 5th, so you have time to earn your candy corn another day if you can’t get the chance to play a few rounds today.

Source: Nintendo

Splatoon 2’s Splatoween Splatfest has officially ended today, hopefully you were able to level up to your chosen Team’s King level! The numbers still need to be tallied, but I predict Team Trick may have won this special 48 hour event. We’ll have to wait and see.

UPDATE: I was wrong! Team Treat has won Splatoween Splatfest! Team Trick received the most votes but Team Treat beat Team Trick in both, the Solo and Pro categories! Time for me to spend sea snails!

If you’re looking for something less competitive, Super Mario Odyssey has been updated with a Mario zombie costume. Yes, now our titular character may run around with the appearance of an ax sticking out of the top of his head! If that’s not enough, they also released three new snap filters for your photographing as you continue exploring the lands. You can check them out below!

And finally, Pokemon GO‘s Community Day has been going on all day! Assuming you log in a few times a day or more, you may have already noticed the Pokemon, Beldum, is all over the place, with many places having clusters of Beldum! By now, people may be heading home from the parks, getting ready to join in on one of the other events going on. But in Oshawa, Ontario, Memorial Park was packed full of Pokemon GO players. Odds are each and every one of them were able to evolve a couple Metagross’ by now. And chances are high that many Pokemon GO players are still out there collecting more Beldums. Memorial Park is a peak play for Pokemon GO‘s Community Day, since it’s a small block easily circled around with several Pokestops close by one another, making it ideal for several Lures to be used. And I can assure you, a whole section in map view was littered with the pink petals that fall from Pokestops with lures on them. After all, how is such a big group of Pokemon GO players going to keep contained to just one block? As we traveled by on the DRT, we were instantly alerted to just how big Pokemon GO‘s Community Day is in this city. Awesome job, Oshawa!

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

By the way, for anyone curious. November 21st is actually official Nintendo Day, according to Nintendo.

Source: Rocket League (Gamespot); Splatoon 2 (Nintendo via Switch’s News); Super Mario Odyssey (My Nintendo News); Pokemon GO (Niantic via In-app News)

What event have you been taking part in? Are you looking forward to jumping into another event tonight? Let us know!



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