Nintendo Switch Games You Should Buy Now

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Nintendo Switch Games You Should Buy Now

The Definitive list for the end of 2018

The Nintendo Switch isn’t new anymore, but its sales don’t seem to be slowing down much anytime soon. Sure, maybe the middle of the year saw a bit of a slump (maybe.) but the Switch is the best selling console by the end of this year. Several key factors likely made this possible, such as the number of highly anticipated games that released in November/December, the number of customized bundles that suddenly appeared, and the amazing sales Nintendo had in and out of the eShop.


If you just bought yourself a new Switch, or you found one under Christmas tree, you’ll certainly want to be prepared with a few games to play. And boy, oh boy, does the Switch have a nice variety of genres to choose from! You are bound to find a few games to entertain you into 2019. And since my coworkers often ask me which games I recommend for their new Switches, I thought I’d handily list them off here and now.

  1. Super Mario Party

    (Source: iMore)

    I’m not a big fan of party games so it’s a bit odd for me to start off with a party game recommendation. But here we are. Super Mario Party is actually a blast on the Nintendo Switch and it’s playable in multiple ways. You can play with your friends locally on your TV or play in tabletop mode. The most interesting thing in tabletop mode is that putting more than one Switch console beside one another increases certain map sizes. Yeah, if the Switch wasn’t weird and cool before, it stretches the game across two consoles. Again, I’m not much of a party games type of guy, but I could totally see this game entertaining lots of people on New Year’s Eve. Or any time you have a group of friends over.

  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    (Source: Nintendo Wikia)

    You’ve probably heard of this series. In fact, you probably just bought it or you’re about to receive it as a gift (spoiler?). Released December 7th of this year, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is breaking sales records almost daily! The tournament communities are pretty much abandoning Super Smash Bros. Wii U (aka Super Smash Bros. 4) altogether and updating for this huge game, full of every character ever, plus new ones! If you’re new to the series or a die-hard fan of it, you really need to pick this version up! Online needs a bit of work to say the least, but any huge game’s likely to have server issues right upon release.
    Similar games I’d recommend if you just haven’t gotten this game yet are Brawlhalla and Brawlout.

  3. Warframe

    (Source: MMOBomb)

    First, this game is free. Like, FREE. No price tag. Just download and play. Having said that, there are micro-transactions in the game. They need to keep it alive somehow. Especially since over a million Switch players are playing this game now. It’s a 3rd person sci-fi game very similar to, and inspired by, Destiny. It’s quite an amazing game for a free-to-play, pay-if-you-want type. It’s fast paced, highly detailed, and the game mechanics are great. There’s a lot to do in this game, too.
    While we’re on about a free download game, notable mentions here include Fortnite, Arena of Valor, and Paladins. Each may have micro-transactions or DLC you’ll need to pay for, but get what you can for free out of these games and see where you want to put your money.

  4. Splatoon 2

    (Source: Nintendo Life)

    Fair warning: This game is on its way out. It’s had a tremendous run and still has an amazingly loyal fanbase. The final content updates have been brought out and now the game will eventually come to an end in preparation for the inevitable Splatoon 3. A bummer, perhaps. And some may be asking why I’m adding a game that’s, arguably, nearly over. Well, because the game’s so good! It’s silly, it’s chaotic, but it’s really fun and addictive. Competitive too, which is something I really like about the game.

  5. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    (Source: Moby Games)

    Man. When I first bought this game for 50% off on sale, I felt pretty fortunate. I wasn’t sure how this game would be as I’m not much of a FPS type of player. I thought for $40, I’d give it a shot and if I was absolutely horrible, maybe my roommate would play it. I’m not horrible. I’m not good, really, but I was able to get through a couple levels on my own. In fact, playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was so much fun surprisingly, I revisited another game (next on this list) and also passed a level. If you’re into FPSs, you’ll love Wolfenstein II.

  6. Doom

    (Source: VG247)

    Yes, Doom‘s remake is on the Nintendo Switch. And it’s a whole lot of brutal fun! Again, not being a big FPS player, this game demolished me almost instantly. But after jumping back in, it’s really an awesome game. Demons are everywhere and you’re tasked with taking them out while completing your missions. You’ve probably played Doom before, but the remake is worth getting on the Switch. These FPS games will give you the fix for fast paced action other recent Nintendo systems have been lacking.

  7. Rocket League

    (Source: Reset Era)

    Every system has this game. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome on the Switch! Playing soccer with remote control cars, that have rockets built in the backs of them?! Why can’t we have cars like this in real life?? Well, there may be good reason for that… Anyway, the game is fast paced and absolutely intense. It’s most incredible once you start learning how to pull off the really cool moves, like wall shots or flying shots. Reddit’s full of amazing replays that’ll blow your mind. And I’ll do you one better. We just posted a while ago about Rocket League codes that’ll give you free items. Because freebies are even better incentives to get an already great game.

  8. Bayonetta (1 and 2)

    (Source: Game Pressure)

    If you have these already, Bayonetta 3 is on the way soon! If you don’t, you should grab these titles. The gameplay is much like Devil May Cry, and if I may say so, this is one of the most adult games I think I’ve seen on a Nintendo console in recent years. Surprisingly released on the Wii U, it feels more at home on the Switch in a library that includes some of the other games in this list. It’s not more adult in the violence or gore categories, but there’s a sexual tone to it that is not suitable for your kids. Let’s keep in mind: The Switch is intended for players 18+ years of age. You didn’t think those were kids taking their Switches to basketball courts and rooftop parties, or airplanes in the launch trailers, did you?

  9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    (Source: Gamepur)

    Another game you’ve probably played on other consoles before. Nonetheless, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is just as great on the Switch as it ever was (before mods). I’ve met a few people who swear they wouldn’t buy another copy as they’ve bought Skyrim for several platforms already, yet they’re tempted by the reminder that this iteration has officially exclusive gear. Link’s tunic and a few weapons are in this Switch game! But from what I’ve seen so far, you need BotW amiibos to unlock it. But that’s not even all. Other amiibos work for Skyrim. At any given moment, in any area, provided you do this once a day… you can fill a room full of suddenly appearing treasure chests full of goodies, provided you have a bunch of random amiibos around. The game itself? It’s legendary.

  10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    (Source: Mandatory)

    This game’s an updated version released on the Wii U, and while I can’t compare the two personally, the Deluxe version is likely the better one, if only because the Switch has been massively more popular than the Wii U. A fast paced racing game, Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe may be the definitive version. Lots of maps, craziness and chaos amongst friends and online opponents, or even the CPU characters. It’s a must-have even if the game’s a couple years old now. Nintendo knows this and made sure to make it a selling feature for the 2018 holidays, even.
    If you like this game, also check out Grip, which has been called the adult version of Mario Kart. Also look for Fast RMX if you’re a speed demon looking for real challenges.

  11. Pokemon Let’s Go (Pikachu and Eevee)

    (Source: Game Pressure)

    Them nostalgic feels… Ever play Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow on your Gameboy Color? This game is like those. Ever play Pokemon Go on your phone or tablet? This game is like that. Wait, what? Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu is the perfect blend of the old and new games. Taking place in Kantos, a familiar map to any early generation player, this game serves as a fun reboot of the first Pokemon games. In addition, catching wild Pokemon’s more in line with the phenomenal mobile game from Niantic, Pokemon Go. You don’t battle the wild Pokemon, you simply throw berries and Pokeballs until you catch them. On the one hand, that may seem a bit dull. On the other, it’s a lot better than constantly needing potions or clinics. Besides, there’s still plenty of battles to deal with in the game. Nice added bonus: In Fuschia city, you can import your Pokemon from Pokemon Go.

  12. Sonic Mania Plus

    Mario’s not the only gaming mascot from back in the day that’s wildly popular! Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog’s had some hit or miss games lately but Sonic Mania and, by extension, Sonic Mania Plus, are one of the lovable hedgehog’s biggest hits. It’s familiar in its stages and yet feels brand new. Like a classic, reborn. It’s just as fast, has co-op modes, and the same boss fights you remember from the early days. There was a collector’s edition going around that included a Sonic ring and Genesis with Sonic standing on it, that actually plays the classic “SEGA” startup jingle. I happened to stumble on a full set, minus the download for Sonic Mania. Which was fine since it complements my Sonic Mania Plus physical copy even better anyway.

  13. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

    (Source: Nintenfan)

    I want this game to catch on. It wouldn’t benefit me online, in fact I don’t think it has online capabilities in it. One of those rare Nintendo Switch games you can play when the power goes out and/or wifi is down. I want this game to be bigger than it may already be because I want to see a sequel. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a beautifully illustrated JRPG based on the Battle Chasers comic book created and illustrated by my favorite comic book illustrator, Joe Madureira. It’s fun to play even if it’s a bit of a grind (what JRPG isn’t?) and rewarding as you collect your favorite characters and earn them new powerful moves. Really check this game out if you like fantasy JRPGs. There’s magic and pirates and warriors, and robots, and…

  14. ARMS

    (Source: Nintendo Life)

    Nintendo’s always got a twist, pun intended, in their games and ARMS is no different. Think about it. In Splatoon, a 3rd person shooter, you turn into a squid and dive into your team’s colored ink in order to reload your weapon. Well, ARMS is like Punch Out! if Punch Out!‘s characters had crazy stretching arms and could use different sets of gloves that have pretty deadly weapons on them. You stand far away from one another throwing wild punches that you control the movement of in the hopes of landing the hit in the face. you desperately want to get. Stay crazy, Nintendo.

  15. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    (Source: WCCF Tech)

    Xenoblade Chronicles fans seemed really excited when Xenoblade Chronicles X was coming out for the Wii U. Well, a lot of fans, anyway. Some missed the anime roots. While Xenoblade Chronicles X took a more realistic and adult vibe, and was being praised for the stunning artwork of the world, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 feels more aligned to the original, according to the original’s fans. I thought X was great, but Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a lot more entertaining. This RPG definitely belongs in your Switch game library. Grab the Expansion Pass as well!

  16. Super Mario Odyssey

    (Source: Nintendo Wikia)

    Switch owners are waiting for a regular Super Mario platformer and Nintendo’s bringing out a re-release of the New Super Mario Bros. U in a Deluxe form. That’s great for those who never played on the Wii U. What Nintendo did release already for the Switch however was cherished by Super Mario fans and critics alike. Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D open world (sort of) game with new power ups, a bazillion items to collect, and a fanbase that’s keeping this now-older game alive. New hint art is released quite often and there’s almost always something new to discover in the game. As well, your new sidekick Cappy is a real treat for players. Much better second player mode than Super Mario Galaxy had to offer. Pick this up, get lost for hours, and enjoy your life. Just kidding, any life you had will be gone as you emerge yourself in this one.

  17. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

    (Source: Moby Games)

    Everybody who bought a Switch early on grabbed this game. It was available on the Wii U but for the Switch, massive sales were made. This is still currently a go-to for new Switch owners looking for a good game to play, and rightfully so. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is a truly beautiful open world game. The abilities and controls are just right, the game’s recipes, weather effects and everything else makes a lot of sense. The puzzles are pretty difficult. New players to the LoZ games may feel a little overwhelmed, but you’ll probably love it. Heck, I considered not adding this to the list but it wouldn’t be a Definitive list without it.

The Nintendo Switch boasts a whole lot of games and there are some real gems from studios both big and small. Certain indie games are very popular. Check out Celeste, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Golf Story, and a bunch of others. If you’ve stumbled upon this list, you’ve probably found multiple lists that feature a lot of indie games already. This list, however, is for those who want the big games. And I’ve probably missed a few (Diablo III: Eternal Collection, for example). So…

If you know a few others that should have been on this list, let us know in the comments below!



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