Nintendo Switch Games That Are Cheaper On Mobile

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    1. Voez (Rayark International Ltd.)

      Nintendo Switch: $$25.00 ($35.00 CAD)
      Android: $FREE
      At a glance, it looks to be the exact same rhythm game. Voez is even ‘hailed’ as the first handheld-only Nintendo Switch game, which sounds somehow a lot like saying that it’s just like playing on your tablet anyhow. I’ve yet to play either version myself which would mean I’m more likely to download the app to test run the game, and then learn what sets it apart on the Switch version. What I have read is that many songs have been added to Voez on the Switch. I can’t confirm they’ve all landed on the mobile version as well, but I’d wager the Switch version scored the new songs due to the price of the game, and its ability to allow the developers to purchase more music rights. But that’s a longshot guess.


      Learn more details about VOEZ for Nintendo Switch and take a look at gameplay screenshots and videos.

    2. Portal Knights (505 Games)
      Nintendo Switch: $29.99
      Android: $6.99
      Another game that looks exactly the same on both platforms, Portal Knights looks like the type of game you’d definitely do better with the Switch controllers. But otherwise, I really can’t tell from a glance what you might get as extras for $24 more. Maybe it’s just to cover for the Switch cartridges? Word is they’re expensive, hence why many Switch games tend to be more expensive to the buyers.

      Portal Knights

      Learn more details about Portal Knights for Nintendo Switch and take a look at gameplay screenshots and videos.

    3. Hello Neighbor (tinyBuild Games)

      Nintendo Switch: $39.99 ($50.39 CAD)
      Android: $FREE
      Hello Neighbor has been in my feeds lately but it’s not a game that looks appealing artistically, to me. Yes, that matters to me sometimes. Yes, that is judging a book by its cover. Shame on me? Then again, reviews seem to suggest the game is average so maybe this time my judgement saved me $50? Anyhow, fortunately the game is free on Android. So if I change my mind and want to give this game a real chance, I can try it on my phone. And who knows? Just because reviews are lackluster doesn’t mean I won’t personally enjoy it and even buy it for the Switch later. Maybe you will too.

      Hello Neighbor

      Learn more details about Hello Neighbor for Nintendo Switch and take a look at gameplay screenshots and videos.




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