Nintendo Switch Game Case Sleeves

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Add some flair to your Nintendo Switch Game Cases by making your own Game Case Sleeves!

Our unofficial Game Case Sleeves have been designed to be snug fitting for your Nintendo Switch game cases. They are considered fun novelty items, crafty items, that give your Game Cases a little more artwork to enjoy looking at when on display.
Didn’t get the aluminum Super Smash Bros. Ultimate case? Print the Sleeve version. Want a Sheikah Slate-themed look without abandoning your original Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Box Art? Make yourself a Game Case Sleeve. Check out our gallery below for styles!

These Game Case Sleeves have been modified using previous existing artwork or artwork given for Nintendo fans to use for free. Sources include Nintendo, Reddit, as well as several various users which we will try to always credit with appreciation.

These are UNOFFICIAL Sleeves, made by a fan for all other fans to enjoy.

Each .png file should be size 8.5″ x 11″ US Letter standard before print.

  1. Print with “Fit to page” checked.
  2. Fold using black lines at top and bottom of artwork.
  3. Cut along image, fold into place and glue together using standard glue.
  4. For best results, print on cardstock. For a glossy look, apply self-laminating adhesive sheets over the full page before cutting.


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