Nintendo Kiosk Planning Pokemon Let’s Go Event In Oshawa

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Nintendo Kiosk Planning Pokemon Let’s Go Event In Oshawa

Could there be more events they’re not yet telling us about?

Sometime this passed summer, a Nintendo kiosk popped up in the middle of the Oshawa Centre (419 King St. W, Oshawa). After speaking with a couple different employees on a couple different days, I learned they were only there until September. Seeing as this site was created late September, I had no news to offer.


The Nintendo kiosk did seem to shut down but already, it’s reappeared, looking slightly updated with a couple new things to check out. It’s still stocked up with lots of Nintendo plush dolls, pillows and other merch (I really want one of those Splatoon squid pillows…), as well as a couple TVs. Maybe more TVs than before, and perhaps a couple more game consoles and handhelds to try, upon initial glance.

Near the end of the summer, the Nintendo kiosk hosted a Super Smash Bros. contest, or tournament (I was busy trying to get to work on time… sorry.). And likewise, the kiosk is back and ready for another event. But might there be more events soon to follow?

Currently, Nintendo of Canada has listed Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee events at the following dates and times:

November 16th, 5PM to 9PM

November 17th, 12PM to 4PM

November 18th, 12PM to 4PM

This of course coincides with the Pokemon Let’s Go games’ release date. They’ve also mentioned there will be other “on-site activities” as well as prizes to be won. Perhaps you could win a Poke Ball Plus, the new device you can use with the game to catch your Pokemon. Perhaps not, but here’s hoping!

Of course, Pokemon Let’s Go isn’t the only hugely anticipated game heading for a release soon. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled to be released December 7th. It would make sense for Nintendo to park a kiosk at Oshawa’s busiest mall right around the holidays, especially right before such big releases. So keep checking out the Nintendo kiosk because I suspect a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event is coming soon after this Pokemon Let’s Go event!

Source: Nintendo

Are you excited to check out the new Pokemon Let’s Go games? Have you pre-purchased your copy yet? Let us know!



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