New Splatoon 2 Update 4.2.0 Arrives!

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New Splatoon 2 Update 4.2.0 Arrives!

New final Salmon Run map, new weapons, and a load of new patch updates.

Nintendo has finally released the new Splatoon 2 update 4.2.0 which brings new weapons and adjustments to the game. We’ve played a couple rounds now with some of the weapons and want to point out all the changes, along with early opinions here and there.


First, let’s start with the weapons:

Kensa Splattershot Jr.; Includes sub weapon, Torpedo, and special weapon, Bubble Blower.
None of the guns appear to be much different than their more older counterparts. Just the sub and special weapons changed up. That said, a Bubble Blower with a Splattershot Jr.? Nice special for chargers. Here, it seems out of place.



Kensa Undercover Brella: Includes sub weapon, Torpedo, and special weapon, Ink Armor.
Also, this weapon allows users to open the umbrella and hold onto it while continuing to shoot, like it’s older counterpart. Again, no real weapon change to the gun itself. Torpedo’s not exciting, Ink Armor’s not new, but you also get a shield. So you’re a step up.


Kensa Octobrush: Includes sub weapon, Suction Bomb, and special weapon, Ultra Stamp.
Octobrushes aren’t bad, if you know how to use the brush family. I’m not much of a brush user, so I can’t say for sure, but Suction Bombs are decent weapons. And that Ultra Stamp really packs a punch. This brush is one to watch out for, perhaps.



Kensa L-3 Nozzlehose: Includes sub weapon, Splash Wall, and special weapon, Ultra Stamp.
Again, like its counterpart, the L-3 Nozzlehose is good if you can use it properly. It fires rounds in short, quick bursts, which means no holding down the trigger. It’s powerful, maybe more so with the added Ultra Stamp. The Splash Wall feels out of place here, though.



Source: (including above weapon photos) Siliconera

The Ultra Stamp, seen below, works like the hammer way back from Donkey Kong, or the golden hammer from Super Smash Bros. Holding down the shooting trigger will auto-slam this Ultra Stamp hammer as you run (or rather, get dragged behind it) towards opponents. Clicking and releasing the trigger will throw the hammer, so be sure you’re aiming before you do so. Also be sure to learn the timing of your special, so you can plan on throwing the hammer at the last possible second (unless of course, you want to throw it sooner). It’s a game-changer, really. But what do you really expect? Nintendo’s had powerful hammers in a variety of their games, often causing massive devastation.

Source: TheGamer

The Torpedo, below, initially looked potentially more dangerous than the Ultra Stamp but that early reaction seems unwarranted after watching it in gameplay action. It’s a slow moving air-torpedo. It doesn’t get a great amount of distance, and like the Tenta Missiles, it shows the opponent the target lock, giving them a fair amount of time to move. And if you don’t throw it high enough, or close enough to an opponent, it simply bursts like a bomb. Ho-hum. If you or your team happen to throw a couple at the same time, at the same opponent, then it becomes more of a danger.

The Reef map has been updated and it’s much better than before. There’s more area to cover and less chance, so far, of your team getting bottle-necked in your spawn point. That said, it’s not impossible. But the updates have made it more enjoyable than it was becoming as of late. Perhaps Nintendo’s recognized a few maps’ downfalls and halted releasing new ones solely so they can focus on enhancing the current ones?

Then again, Salmon Run received a new map. It was bound to get one eventually, as the current stages were growing stale. If this new map proves to fit in with all the other ones in Salmon Run, chances are it’ll be brutal, chaotic, and relentless. And of course, your shift will never pay what you feel you’re worth. Seems to be a social statement. We haven’t gotten to try this new Salmon Run map yet but it’s probably enjoyable enough, really. It’s called the Ark of Polaris, and it looks like a decent chunk of land to work a Grizzco shift on. Personally, I can’t wait to find out what happens when using the new Kensa weapons. Although, it’s likely they won’t be a part of Salmon Run. Imagine how easy some enemy bosses would be with the homing Torpedoes.

Source: Siliconera (again))

Now that the game feels a bit fresher than before, let’s get into the details of the patch:


Added support for the Octoling trio set. Octoling Boy, Octoling Girl, and Octoling Octopus


Gear obtained through Nintendo News is now available to order from Murch, provided users order the gear from a user wearing it in Inkopolis Square.
As well, the same gear may show up in Splatnet 2, Nintendo Online’s accompanying app. This includes the Halloween Splatoween event gear.

For more information, as there is tons, we’d recommend checking here.

Have you updated? How are you feeling about the new additions? Let us know below!

Source: Nintendo



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