Mobile Apps You Need For Your Nintendo Switch

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Mobile Apps You Need For Your Nintendo Switch

Whether they are for system management or just game companions, these apps are highly recommended.

The Nintendo Switch itself is pretty simple to use. But certain things about the Switch could use some outside assistance. Hardware accessories are available for the Switch controllers, cartridges, and SD cards, helping you out when you’re wanting to play games on the go.
And the games, themselves, often give you enough information and let you control your stats, inventory and pretty much anything else a game deems important for you to keep a record of.
Of course, accessing those records may be a bit tricky if you’re away from the Switch. Or trying to find one particular game in a handful of SD cards could present a problem, if only momentarily. Maybe the game’s overwhelmingly big when all you want is to find one specific location on the map. Google can help you so much, here. But mobile apps specifically targeting the Switch can go a bit more in depth.


Here we have a list of mobile apps that will complement your Nintendo Switch and games.

For managing everything, I present these apps to you.

    • Nintendo Switch Online

This app’s a must-have from Nintendo, itself. Well… A must-have, if you want voice chat in 95% of games that support voice chat at all. Currently only Fortnite has bypassed the need to use this app for voice chat, which means if you want to use voice chat in any first-party games, as well as every other third-party games, you’ll need to have this app. It’s a little ridiculous, but that’s how Nintendo has it set up for now.
Under-utilized, the app has one game that it’s most useful for: Splatoon 2. For whatever reason, Nintendo could only bother to set up a map rotation guide, a shop, a records keeper, daily up-to-date news reader, and even more, for Splatoon 2 on this app. Forget keeping track of your gold, silver, and bronze, time track records, or amount of online races won in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or battles won and lost in ARMS, two games proudly supported on the app. This app is Splatoon 2, voice chat for all games, and that’s it. Bummer. Great for Splatoon 2 users, however!
We’ll reiterate, you’ll absolutely need this app for voice chat. So even if you don’t play Splatoon 2, you should have this app. Or Discord *ahem*.

    • Switch SD Card Manager

Some people will choose to buy one large SD card to store all their games, some of us choose to use several small ones to store a few games here and there. Case in point, my roommate bought a 200GB card early after getting his Switch while I was using all my older spare SD cards, the biggest being 64GB. I recently upgraded and literally just moved all the games I could onto my new 128GB card, and even still I need a second card for Resident Evil: Revelations 2. So unless you’re buying the biggest SD card available, or you’re carefully looking for physical copies of games only, or you simply don’t want a lot of games offered, you may find yourself bouncing between SD cards.
Let me explain the scenario, because it’s more annoying than it sounds. Before removing an SD card, you must turn the Switch off. You can’t do that by holding the Home button down on your controller. You need to press and hold the power button on the Switch (you probably turned down the Switch’s volume once or twice by accident), select Power Off, and then remove the card. Then you insert the card you want to use. Not so bad, I suppose. Unless you’re unsure of which SD card has which game. Because if you use the wrong one, you’ll turn on your Switch to find out and then repeat the whole process again.
Sure, there are methods to work around mixing them up. I had color labeling going on, writing lists of games under each color and using sticker paper to label SD card slots to keep my SD cards organized. But then I’d get another few games and would find myself renewing the list in no time, often repeatedly scrapping a list in full and rewriting it all out again. I’ll still use this technique, but now it’s simpler.
Of course you could just use the Switch SD Card Manager app. It’s free, simple to use, and gives you exactly what you need and nothing else. Create a new card, give it a name and set its size, then insert game titles (I use the online method). Need to add or remove a game from an SD card? Hold down on that card in the Manager app and it’ll take you to the editing area. Want to add the game cover art? Simply click the app settings to download and install them. The app also asks you to manually enter the leftover space you have per card so you’ll know if you can add more games at a glance. So when you want to quickly check what game is where, you can just open this app and quickly check each SD card’s contents.
    • Switch List

It was a toss-up between Switch List and Switch HubSwitch Hub is easier to go through if all you want to do is set games in categories, such as games you own and games on your wish list. However I found Switch List is more thorough. I can add games I have to a collection, games I want to a wish list, Amiibos I own to another collection, and still do more. The app also lists off prices, ratings, etc. and even tracks when games go on sale. What Switch List lacks in comparison to Switch Hub is a visually appealing list. But it makes up for it in the more complex ways while still being fairly easy to work with.
In fact, since this app will also keep track of my Amiibo collection, it makes yet another app, called simply enough, “Amiibo Collector“, redundant as well.
I don’t mean to drag down Switch Hub or Amiibo Collector, they’re both fine apps as they are. But Switch List is a much better tool that rivals both.

For apps specifically focusing on a certain game, I give you these following options.

    • Rocket League Trading Post

Rocket League‘s not a Nintendo Switch exclusive, by any means. But this app has included Switch users into the mix. You can post the items you want to trade as well as your friend code for trading purposes. The app also uses each gaming platform’s logo so you can tell right on the trade list main page who’s offering items from which platform. For our purposes, you’re looking for the Switch logo, of course. You can find Rocket League trades on several sites (we have a forum set up if you’d like to make Switch offers here). But having a list easily scrolled through on your mobile device is admittedly pretty handy. Not to mention you can visually see what’s being offered. And the app seems to let users know when some items become available for trade. I haven’t gone deep into this app yet but seeing it’s Switch-friendly is sure to make me check in every now and then.
It’s also worth pointing out that Rocket League (and other cross-platform games) doesn’t have too many apps readily equipped for us Switch players. That might change, however we’re almost 2 years into the Switch’s lifespan. So check reviews.

    • Spla2n Stuff

Very neat and colorful, Spla2n Stuff gives you the map rotations for the various game modes in Splatoon 2 (except Salmon Run), and gives you news about the game. It doesn’t seem to get every bit of news so most likely it’s news articles posted by the developer him or herself, much like why we miss certain events (I’m only one person… Want to contribute posts? Let me know in the comments below.). Still, it’s an app worth having if you’re curious on your way home to your docked Switch.
    • Splat Ability Calculator

Not sure what Splatoon 2 chunks are best to put together? The Splat Ability Calculator gives you a fair assessment of what will help you do the most damage using your collected chunks. It’s a little outdated, but you’ll have a good idea based on the calculations you can do with it.
    • Breath Companion / Skyrim maps

Both The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are large map games. You can explore freely as you’d like in the games, or you can use a handy map app for a simplified way to play. Some call it “cheating”, but you be the judge on that. Personally, I feel since it doesn’t affect any other players, it really doesn’t matter if it gets me to the next goal a little faster. That said, you’re not likely to be constantly and strictly following the map as you explore anyway.

    • Alchemy For Skyrim

You could mix ‘n’ match potions all day trying to find what mixes create what you’re looking for. You could look through the Spell books, probably (I haven’t gotten that far, I just bought the game.). However you reference your potion mixology, using this app for Skyrim is probably one step quicker. Is it cheating? Does it matter in a solo, offline adventure? Again, that’s for you to decide. If you’re okay with using a few helpful footnotes, this is no different, really. But again, that’s my personal opinion.

    • Ultimate Smash Bros. Companion

If you want to view stats, move sets, or other details of every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Ultimate Smash Bros. Companion‘s ready for you. There’s also a SSBU Companion, and I’d prefer it if that one was ready, based on my first impressions visually. But Ultimate Smash Bros. Companion‘s an early winner. Just don’t be referring to it in local tournaments – that’s probably cheating. But if it helps you practice your game at home, you should be fine with this one.
    • Warframe Companion

Warframe‘s hit one million users just on the Switch! This is a PC game mostly popular in China, if I recall correctly. But now that it’s been released on the Switch, it seems a lot of new people are playing it. Excellent!
If you want to get more involved in the game, try the Warframe Companion app. It’s updated to allow you to switch the settings from PC to Switch, so it’s going to give us Switch users the best help it can without any real confusion that cross-platform details could wind up causing.

That’s all I’ve got! I’m sure other games have app companions, and you may be using other managerial apps that work better for your own needs, but these are the ones I prefer and recommend! I hope this list manages to help anyone else looking for anything like these.

Know of any other apps I may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!



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