Limited Edition Diablo III Nintendo Switch Console Coming Soon

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Limited Edition Diablo III Nintendo Switch Console Coming Soon

Blizzard’s Diablo III November 2nd release for the Nintendo Switch just got a whole lot more interesting for potential buyers. Nintendo has just announced a Diablo III-themed Nintendo Switch console that will be released on the same launch day as the game, and it looks great. See for yourself!


This Nintendo Switch Diablo III bundle is unique in that it’s the first third-party game to receive a customized Switch theme of its own, as the other upcoming bundles, Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee, respectively, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, are still first-party games.

The Diablo III Switch bundle includes a download code for the highly-anticipated Blizzard game, a wicked looking carrying case, and Diablo III artwork printed on the Switch console and dock. The joycons appear to be the standard grey ones with no special designs on them.

Source: Gamestop

The bundle will also include the same extra game content as any Diablo III purchase, including Expansion DLC for Rise Of The Necromancer and Reaper Of Souls, and exclusive Nintendo in-game items like Ganondorf’s Transmog armor, a Cucco to run around with, and a Triforce Portrait Frame.

Pre-orders for this new Nintendo Switch Diablo III bundle are already available at Gamestop, which will not ship outside the US (my Canadian heart shatters). Eager fans who were able to stop themselves from immediately buying a Diablo III game pre-order now have this new option to consider, albeit for a heftier price.

Interestingly, this comes right after Blizzard announced they are not adding cross-platform play to Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch. Since cross-platform play was highly anticipated, it was possible the some buyers may have shied away from pre-purchasing the game. Of course now this new Nintendo Switch bundle adds new incentive to yet again reconsider pre-purchasing.

For most current Nintendo Switch owners, these types of bundles likely make fans wish they had held out on buying a console sooner. After all, if you were late to the Switch party and knew these themed consoles were suddenly coming, wouldn’t you maybe want to wait and get that perfect one rather than the now-plain neon or grey models? There are many Nintendo Switch owners who will likely be purchasing one or more of these bundles however, whether it’s for collection purposes or just having that extra Switch in another room of the house.

But these bundles, like any other, are aimed more at the new potential buyers. Those who have been wanting Nintendo’s Switch console but have yet to make the commitment to purchase. Looks like Nintendo has this Christmas targeted specifically at this group of people.

Source: Nintendo Life



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