Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Modders Replace Link With Bowsette

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Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Modders Replace Link With Bowsette

Looking for a way to spice up the replay value of Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild? Modder “Lynard Killer” has just what you need, if what you need is an unofficial Nintendo character mash-up that the internet’s gone wild about lately.

Source: Kotaku


The mod replaces Hyrule’s typical hero, Link, with the internet sensation known as Bowsette, a fan-created character Nintendo’s keeping quiet about. The character’s 3D modeling as well as her costume designs seem pretty decent, with typical game physics notably affecting her skirt costume.

Bowsette, a mash-up between Princess Peach and Bowser, has been an internet sensation for the past week and while Nintendo hasn’t said much of anything regarding this character, it wouldn’t be the first time they have re-introduced Super Mario characters they hadn’t created originally, Wario and Waluigi for examples.

This isn’t the first Bowsette mod as Nintendo Life notes there has also been a mod adding her as the final boss in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

This particular mod has yet to be released publicly and there doesn’t seem to be any information regarding which version of Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild it would work on, the Nintendo Wii U or the Switch. It seems more likely that it will be for the former, however the latter does have the potential to be modded as well. Time will tell.

As we all wait with anticipation for the mod, you can watch video gameplay of Bowsette in action as she fights Bokoblins and runs around through various areas.

Does the addition of Bowsette make you want to power up your console and explore Hyrule all over again? Are you a Bowsette fan or are you already sick of this character’s prevalence? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Life



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