Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and Clan Wars

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      Previously, we were interested in adding maps for each of the Street Fighter games. However because of the sheer amount of Street Fighter versions in the collection edition, we’re stuck trying to figure out how to properly implement Clan Wars for this one.

      We could add the regular maps for each base game (ie. Street Fighter I, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III…) and leave it to challengers to specify the correct version (ie. Turbo, Hyper, etc.) within the challenge description.

      Or we could separate each game, which would be time consuming, to say the least. As well as repetitive and potentially confusing.

      We really would love to see such a classic game being played in Clan Wars, and fighting genres in general. So, we’re asking for your thoughts.

      To keep things simple, we’d like to know 3 – 4 versions you’d like to see from the Collection in Clan Wars. For example, maybe the “Three base games plus Street Fighter III: Third Strike”, or “Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II: Hyper, Street Fighter II: Turbo, Ultra Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III”… Any combination, we would consider. However we don’t currently see valid reason to add all of them.

      Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers will have stages added very soon. Because it’s a separate entity from the Collection, it doesn’t face the same issues.

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