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      Welcome to Nintendo Fanatics! We wish the forums to be enjoyable for all, and encourage all sorts of discussion revolving around Nintendo games and related products. However there are a few things we would like to discourage.


      As time goes on, the rules may be updated. We really want everyone to be able to share their thoughts and feelings freely however there are a few things we won’t tolerate.

      1. Bullying

      We strongly discourage bullying within our forums and elsewhere on our site. Video games can be enraging, for sure. But if you’re about to verbally blast and/or harass another user, take 5 minutes to yourself before you hit post. Relax. Review what you were about to say, rewrite how you’d like to express yourself in a calmer manner, and then post. Bullies will be banned from our forums otherwise.

      2. Harassment

      Much like bullying, people found to be harassing other users will be banned. If you have a problem with another user, perhaps challenge them to a fight in one of Nintendo’s fighting games. Just don’t be a sore loser afterwards if things don’t turn out the way you had hoped.

      3. Spamming

      Please don’t post the same message over and over again, or all over every forum. You will receive a temporary ban. If it’s news or opinions, etc., that relates to more than one forum, so be it. But if it’s posted in all the forums, it may come off as just spam.


      There are a few topics we would happily encourage but would like to set a few guidelines on.

      1. Box Art Requests

      We are fans of the custom box art communities. The idea of having box art for your digitally purchased games is fantastic! First of all, before you create a new topic for a request, please do a search. Someone else probably will want the same box art as you. If you can’t find the game box art you are looking for, please make the request by creating a new topic. Other users may link you to a topic you missed or may directly post the requested box art in your topic.

      2. Trading

      Games, like Rocket League for example, allow users to trade their specialty items and Crate loot. [H] and [W] (“Have” and “Want”) are the common simplifying codes to use when making the request. Create a new topic and post what you Have [H] and what you Want [W] in exchange. We’re also aware some users may want real money via Paypal for their items. Please make this clear to users. We do not claim responsibility for any users’ spending habits. Any scammers will be banned from our site. Be fair and honest.

      For more information, please read our Comment Policy

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