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      Nov. 26, 2018
      We have added a few new features to the site.

      1. Advertisements
        Our website news, Clan Wars, forums, etc. are free for our users to use and enjoy as they may. However, our hosting for this website is not. So we have brought in Google Adsense advertisements. These will mostly be found in news/blog/reviews, however you may see them elsewhere, such as forums. We’ll keep them away from Clan Wars as best we can but feel free to inform us if you think an ad may be misplaced. Thanks for understanding.
      2. Games Listings
        Going forward, all articles posted about games will include a Game Listing at the bottom of the page. Users interested in purchasing the featured game may click the link and purchase from any of their selected retailers. We do not sell games. However, please note we may make a small percentage when you click and purchase using that link, as per an affiliates program we are a part of. As with the ads, any affiliated links are used to help maintain our website.


      Nov. 25, 2018
      We have made a few minor updates to the website, and have a few extra updates we’re looking into implementing at some point.

      We have added new games to the Clan Wars list.

      1. Brawlhalla
      2. Fast RMX
      3. Road Redemption

      Certain maps will still be missing, that is currently being worked on.

      User Profile Field:
      Editing your profile now has new text fields.

      1. Stream URL
      2. Gamer tag

      How did we miss “GAMER TAG”?? We recognize a player’s Gamer Tag is important and the oversight on profiles has been fixed. This may or may not differ from your “Nickname” profile field, that’s up to each individual.

      We currently may embed Twitch or Youtube Live accounts into our Streams page. As Clan Wars matches are set, we will do our best to feature streaming accounts of participating users*, provided they have their channels linked in their profiles**, as long as the match has been scheduled 24 hours in advance***.

      *If your clan has over the required players for a match, we may simply use the Twitch/Youtube Live URL provided in the match challenge.

      **We understand Team users may be concerned others might ghost them in games. Some games don’t have this type of problem, but for others where ghosting could be a legitimate concern, Team members may request we take their stream out. We do not condone ghosting.

      ***This feature is not automated, and we’re a very tiny team. But we tend to check the website at least once daily.

      Maps added:
      Maps have been added for the following games:

      1. Brawlout
      2. Fast RMX
      3. Dragon Ball FighterZ

      Please use our Game Suggestions forum to request other games and maps to be added to the site.

      Planned Updates

      We are looking into adding a Tournament bracket system. This would be useful for Clans to create ‘super matches’, or for local hosted (offline) matches. At this time, we have no more details.

      We also are interested in User Rankings and will be looking into this but it could take some time.

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