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Tell me about Clans | How do I create a Clan?
How do I complete Clan setups? | How do I join a Clan?
How do I challenge Clans? | How do I watch matches in progress?
How do I set Team scores? | Tell me about Zazzle

What Do You Mean By “Clan”?

We interchange “Clan” with “Team” often because they are one and the same. By creating a “Clan”, you are essentially creating a Team. However, due to the nature of our website, the Clan Wars only works with the word “Clan” in it.

How Many Members Can Join A Clan?

There are no limits to how many members may join a Clan. It is strongly recommended that each user create only one Clan and select as many games as you wish to battle in, instead of one Clan per game. This greatly helps for when you choose to join or challenge other Clans with related games.
However, not every user needs to create a Clan. You can join Clans without ever creating your own. You may just need to request Clan admins to challenge others for you.

How Many Games Can One Clan Be Listed For?

There are no limits to how many games you can list your Clan for. In fact, we recommend each Clan add more than one game from the list of playable options. We realize many players play several competitive games, and that a Clan could have interchangeable players representing their respective Team in several different kinds of matches.

Sounds Good! How Do I Create A Clan?

We made a special Test account so we could go through the process ourselves in order to give you a proper tutorial (and to let us find and squash all the bugs we could.

    1. After you sign up to our site, you’ll notice a bar by your profile avatar. Quickly, we’ll run through:
      “X” = Sign out; Gear icon = Profile settings; Target icon = Create a Clan; Bell icon = Notifications; Message balloon icon = messages.
      Click the Target icon, Create a Clan.
    2. You will be brought to the Clan Page, where you may start creating your new Team.
      Click on Clan Name and a window will pop up so you can enter text. After entering the desired name, click a little bit off the text bar and the system will quickly return with the availability of your Clan name. If your Clan name is available, it will give you the option to save.

      Next, click in in the big black area behind the “Clan Name” block in order to set your Header image. You will see an option to Upload Media. Choose a banner you’d like to use and upload. (We recommend images be .jpeg or .png format, no more than 3mb in size, in 800 x 350px dimensions. Any larger files may end up being deleted at any given moment. Please help us conserve space.)After that, click where your profile picture would be set to appear. The same media upload screen will appear. Again, we recommend .jpeg or .png, no larger than 3mb, but with dimensions of 512 x 512px.
    3. When the above steps are done, Click “Publish in the upper right corner or the screen, and wait for the page to confirm that it has been published successfully. Then click “Update All” and wait once more for confirmation.
  1. The Clan Page

    has its own Tabs, “Clan Page”, “Members”, “Matches”, and “Settings”. Click “Settings”. This should refresh the page so you will be able to edit a Text Block under your Header and Profile picture. This is where you can enter your description of your Clan. Hover your cursor over the Description area and click on the green pencil icon that will appear. A new text window will appear. We recommend listing the games you plan on battling in, and any player requests to fill out your Team as you require (ie. “We need two more for Super Smash Bros Ultimate”).

  1. Click Publish, wait for confirmation, click Update All, wait again, and you now have your Clan. Invite friends to join your Clan by having them click the main menu’s “Clans” tab, then searching and selecting your Clan. You should also trade Friend Codes for your Nintendo system of choice (We cater to the Nintendo Switch and Wii U as of this writing.)
  2. Your Clan Page should appear like so:
    If not, click Settings on the Clan Page tabs. Or, view your account profile, scroll down and find your Clan on the right hand side. Click it, then hit Settings as described.
    Click the green pencil in the Boxed Text Block to edit your Clan description.
  3. Next, hover over the Members Block:
    Click the green edit pencil in the Members Block. Here, you can set your country and language, your Clan’s founding date, and any websites you require to link to that are related to your Clan.
  4. After that, go down to your Games Block:
    Once again, click the green edit pencil. In this block, you will be able to choose all the games your Clan is going to participate in Battles. You can come back in the settings and add or delete games. You may also have the option to add unlisted games.
    We recommend against it and instead, prefer that you contact us so we can set up the game of your choice, with maps, for you. The reason for this mainly is to be sure that all members may be aware of Clans that feature games we have yet to list. As you may notice in your profile settings, we have a required profile field. These are set up specifically for the games listed ready for Battles.
  5. Finally, you have your Matches Block:
    Click the green edit pencil to edit this Block. You can choose how many matches will appear at the same time, how long they’ll appear after they expire, and you will have the option to show only specific Battle-ready games.


How Do I Join A Clan?

Click the “Clans” tab in the main menu. All Clans available on our site will be listed. Click on any you wish to join. This will load you onto their Clan Page. To the right, below the number of members a Clan has, you can click “Request To Join”*. The creator of that Clan will receive a notification next time they check in on their Clan Page.
*Some Clan pages may be set up a little differently. If you’re having troubles requesting to join, contact the admin.
If the admin of that Clan is unsure how to help, they can contact us from our About page.

Do I Need My Own Clan To Join Another?

No, you do not. Please refer to “How Many Members Can Join A Clan?”.

How Does One Clan Challenge Another?

  1. Search Clans and choose one with games you want to challenge them in. You will see a “Challenge Clan” button on the upper right corner of their Header image, on the Clan Page. (My Clan Page looks different because it was set up as Site admin rather than Gamer… Free reign of Elements. Sorry for any confusion.)
  2. You’ll be loaded to a page to set up your match:
    Here, you may choose the game you wish to challenge the Clan in, add a title to the match, a description of the match (we recommend listing any special rules you may want to set (ie. “No items”, “150cc”, etc.)), as well as a league or external link (May we recommend your Twitch or Youtube live stream?). You’ll also have to set the Match Type (Friendly or Official match), a date and time for when the match will be scheduled to occur, and finally, you choose your map.
    We chose Musselforge Fitness in Splatoon 2 as our example map. Beside the map image, you’ll see a couple text blocks with “0” in them, and “Add Round” below that. The two rows means we have challenged a Clan to 2 rounds in this map, which is default. You can add more rounds, or delete until you have just one round. You can also add more maps, rounds per each map, and repeat.
  3. Finally, click “Challenge”. The Clan you are challenging will receive a notification on their Clan Page, where they can choose to accept.
    And those 0’s you didn’t edit in the round’s text boxes? You’ll edit those after the match, when you have your Team’s score(s).

Now What Do We Do?

Now that you’ve challenged the other Clan, you wait for confirmation. When confirmed, members on your Team and the challenged Team should make the scheduled time available in order to play. When the time comes, both Teams should enter the game and set up the match in a Private match, one which lets you choose the map. The map you choose should coincide with the map chosen on our site as the accepted Challenge agreed upon. Play as many rounds as you’ve listed, change the map according to how many maps/rounds you added to the Challenge, and both Clan leaders should keep track of the grand totals per Team in each round.

How Can I Watch Matches In Progress?

As stated before, we recommend Challengers to set the “external link” to their Twitch or Youtube URL. Click on “Clans” in the main menu, scroll down to the “Matches” block, and you should see a “Playing” button to the right of the matches listed. Click on the “Playing” button to load the match screen. You should be able to click any Twitch or Youtube link provided and watch the game in progress, provided the matches are not over.

(NOTE: We did not set a Twitch link for the example. Sorry. But it should be easy to find here.)

What Do We Do After The Match?

Both Team leaders should come back with the score list they’ve compiled for every round played as per the Challenge. Click on “Clans” in the main menu bar, then scroll down to the “Matches” block. Click the “Playing” button of your game’s match and you’ll see a “Submit Score” button in the Header image, on the right hand side (see picture directly above). Click “Submit Score”.
In the popup window, you’ll see the familiar “0” boxes. Enter Challenger Team’s scores in the left boxes, from top and downwards as per each round. Enter the Challenged Team’s scores on the right hand side.
The Challenged Team leader may come back, follow these steps, and approve the entered scores or change them as necessary. Any changes will need to be approved again.
We ask for an honor system when it comes to this step, and we do not wish for any poor sports to adjust scores falsely. If the correct scores are entered and you’ve lost, we ask you accept the correct scores and simply Challenge the opposing Team to a rematch, by going through the Challenge steps.

It’s much easier than all of this tutorial may make it appear. You may find it simpler to just go through the motions yourself, and then reference this page when necessary. Either way, we hope you enjoy your Battles!

What Is “Zazzle”?

Zazzle is a website that takes our designs and posts them on their products, paying us a commission fee for accepted designs.

Why Should I Shop Your Zazzle Products?

Shopping from our Zazzle listings helps support the website. All commission Zazzle pays us goes directly back into the website. This may increasing space for uploads, growing the community, increasing bandwidth, etc. Also, we just really appreciate you helping us out!

How Is Your Zazzle Shop Different From Your Regular Shop Page?

Our regular Shop page is where our small staff team may post their own products to sell. Each staff member may post their own products and every sale supports the creator of the product sold. You will see the staff member listed per product so you know who you are supporting.
Every product sold has 10% put aside to put towards the website, as well. You’re supporting our staff (who really appreciate it!) and the website’s growth and maintenance, while gaining a cool new item, which is a win for everybody.


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