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Consider this the official Terms of Service for the site. The rules in the forum are simple, but this may extend to that. For example, Nintendo Fanatics wishes everyone to enjoy themselves, speak freely and thoughtfully but we do not tolerate bullying and harassment. Not here in our posts, not on our forums. No where. We also don’t appreciate spam or soliciting, so you’ll want to make a note of that.

Let us introduce you to the Front Page first. We’re a new site and therefore want our new visitors to be welcomed to Nintendo Fanatics and the community. We encourage all new visitors to register as they search the menu, find other members, and create or join Clans.

What?? CLANS, you ask? I guess we better skip to the Clans Page. You might notice we say Clans and Teams interchangeably. They are the same thing, for our site’s purposes. You can create a new team or join an existing one, or keep yours minimal and use it for fighting online multiplayers, such as Street Fighter. When you create a Clan, you can challenge others on our site. Agree upon the match and everyone will know you’re about to go into an upcoming epic battle! When it’s over, come back and record your scores. This is great for tournaments but also any enthusiast who wants to be more competitive with their Nintendo games. Just… You know we’re dealing with the Nintendo Switch, here. Right? If all goes according to plan, we may add a few exceptions to that rule (I hear there are many fans of certain Smash Bros. versions prior to Ultimate…)

Ok, stepping back. Let’s talk about the News Page. You’ll find three tabbed sections on that page. “Reviews”, “News”, and “Blogs”. “News” are the articles we’ve written after learning about the coolest, relevant Nintendo news we can find. Some sites will tell you when a developer coughs if they can make a full page post out of it. Not us. Some of our posts may be short and sweet, but we’re posting them out of genuine interest. Our own or, hopefully, yours! “News” might be in the middle, but it’s where you’ll want to always check!
“Reviews” is just that. We’ll review in-game additions, new game releases, new Nintendo toys and products, unofficial Nintendo-themed products, and just about anything Nintendo related. That Nintendo Happy Meal toy behind me? I love it, but it sucks. Maybe I’ll explain sometime in the “Reviews” section, maybe not. But if I do, you’ll see it.
“Blogs” is where you’ll find our rants and raves, our wants and yearnings. Our thoughts and opinions in posts that just aren’t right for “News”. Right now, we’re a little devoid of our own thoughts and opinions for that section. But once this site is grabbing traction, we’ll be over there as well.

Our Streams Page is our Twitch and Youtube or Vimeo live streams. Currently, it’s just my Twitch. But we’ll be working on getting more streams up and running on it. Want yours to be featured? We’ll be sure to toss out some ‘shout outs’ here and there soon!

Our Forums are for our community. We love having your discussions on our pages, and we’ll be monitoring them. But really, that just means we’re interested and want to read what you’ve got to say. But… really. We have to monitor them, too. We want everyone to have opinions but also to be able to shrug off conflicting opinions rather than start keyboard wars. We love you. Be good, Gosh darn it!!

Then we have our Shop Page. And then we have Zazzle. And so we put them both right here. Our Shop page is stuff that each of us at Nintendo Fanatics have to offer. For example, you may find cool Nintendo-inspired custom crafts, keychains, charms, or pretty much anything diy. Sales on the Shop Page go directly to the member who made and/or sold the item. We’re working our butts off to get this site going and we really appreciate any support we can get. But no pressure. Just check in on us!
Zazzle’s special. Zazzle is the stuff we can’t create on our own. Do YOU know how to print images and logos on a golf ball?? We don’t have the equipment or the know-how. Since Zazzle does, we chose to let them take some of our designs and pop them on their products. The website, and in turn, the community, are the real benefactors when items from Zazzle sell. Since we only get a small percentage of royalties, all the money we earn off of Zazzle will funnel back into this site. That means upgrading our bandwidth, growing our server space, and more.

PHEW! Onto the next batch of things on our list. How about Moderating?

We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, hate speech of any kind towards any group or faith, flaming, death threats, or anything like that. You lose in a Clan battle? You walk off the buttpain you’re feeling. You demand a rematch. You scream at the top of your lungs on the highest mountain far away from civilization. But if you think you’re going to wildly rage on another person here, on our site, with no repercussions, think again. That’s a paddlin’.

On top of that, we don’t want to see anyone ganged up on in our comments or forums. We also don’t want to see rape jokes, gaslighting, doxxing, or internet stalking going on towards any users or staff of this site. You know something about another person on our site, or even off this site? You’re best to keep it to yourself. We’re not here for whatever drama you’re aching to start. We’re here to have fun and enjoy games.

People are people so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully?” – Depeche Mode. Great question. Let’s all try to remember everyone posting is another human being. Complex, fragile, searching for love and companionship and a new match in their favorite video game. The things you may scream and an inanimate object, like your TV, may not be suitable to write towards any other human. And with that, I suggest to you that in any heat of a raging moment, you write anything you want to say and BEFORE YOU POST IT, you take a 5 minute break and walk away. Go blow off steam and then come back. Re-read what you almost said to someone else. And then, delete it. You’re the better man for doing it. Still got something to say? That 5 minute break probably helped you think clearer. Go ahead, try again more calm and rationally. It’s better than the alternative. We don’t want to ban you. Don’t make us.

If you choose to set up your own unofficial events, be sure you make it clear they’re unofficial. We may choose to hold events on occasions and we don’t want people to get confused. Also, if you’re not NF Staff, please don’t pretend to be. Believe me, I know my fellow staff.

Spam may have a couple rare exceptions, but let’s go over it all. We’d appreciate no self-promotions. No posting your Youtube links everywhere, or promoting your game apps all over the place… we don’t want you asking people for crowd-sourced money, or donations of any kind, no funds for your campaigns of whatever you may have going on… None of that. Don’t sell followers. Don’t sell game currency. Don’t sell your soul. And don’t gamble.
BUT. We do have a section in our forums for in-game trades. We know Rocket League players are big into trading items, for example. And Pokemon Let’s Go may offer Pokemon trading. We’re fine with that. We’re even ok with trading in-game items for money, provided you make it absolutely clear you’re looking for real-world currency. We also ask those who are participating in real-world currency trades to be of legal age (18+) or have permission from your parents. We won’t be held responsible for you spending your parents’ cash, or for you being ripped off so BE CAREFUL. We expect traders to be honest and respectful. Otherwise, you’ll be thrown out of our community quick.
We’re happy to feature your Youtube or Twitch feeds on our Streams Page. When we’re ready to do so, and on our own terms. No, we really don’t want to see you spamming your channel everywhere. That said, we’ll let you know just how you can submit for a chance to have your stuff featured. We think that’s a fair and potentially fun trade off. Didn’t get featured one week? Maybe you will be, the next.
Also, we do have some fragment of a heart… if your fundraising cause is legit and sincere, email us at Rather than posting your soliciting requests in every comment section, we’d like to be able to help highlight the cause for you. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

We do not want you posting any images, links, or any of that sort in regards to gore or pornography, animal cruelty or anything of that nature on our site. Not in comments, not in the forums. No where. Our NSFW content will be labeled as such and, as we focus on Nintendo specifically, it will likely be a rare occasion you’ll see anything NSFW from us anyway. But there are some mature games for Nintendo systems and we do recognize adults play using Nintendo systems too. So do kids, and we don’t want you exposing them with anything super shocking and unannounced. You understand.

We do not encourage pirating games, hacking any systems or users, and in fact highly discourage you from linking to pirating sites, discussions on hacking or jailbreaking, or pirating, bragging about using stolen content, and/or using plagiarized content and presenting it as your own.

Finally, do not post spoilers without clearly labeling them in advance. No one likes them. Those who say they don’t mind spoilers, don’t necessarily like them. And those who post them just to be brats are just shit-heads.

Cursing is fine, in moderation. And not towards others in rage.

Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!” – Bill and Ted.


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