Amino: Communities For Your Beloved Gaming Needs

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Amino: Communities For Your Beloved Gaming Needs

AminoApps has all sorts of communities neatly organized by your gaming interests.

You may have heard about Amino before. Some Youtubers have been mentioning it, and it seems to only be increasing in popularity. Amino Apps is a community app that lets users post links, pictures, and pretty much anything related to, well, anything, with a wide assortment of user-generated groups. While many users post their drawings or come up with polls and puzzles related to the games the group is about, you may often stumble upon other posts that will offer you tips and tricks you can learn from to improve your game.


While we have our community forums on our site, we obviously recognize people may want to find even more communities. The more, the merrier! No harm in everyone discovering new communities from other ones, right? So while you check out Amino, we also hope the Amino users will discover our website in turn and perhaps register with us as well.

You can easily register here! An Activation email will be sent out, check your Junk mail if necessary!

As a current member of Amino groups, myself, I’d like to highlight a few that I think you’d do well to join for tips and tricks, artworks, and just some random fun.

  1. Rocket League

    I’ve really been getting into Rocket League and I find I’ve been improving in the game quite a bit. While admittedly I haven’t really been practicing from tips within this community, and I know I ought to, I still recommend it for some insights in how to improve your gameplay. There are some users at pro level who will give tips from time to time to us amateurs trying to move on up in our gaming skill level. The community as a whole, from what I’ve seen, is friendly and accepting of new members and joining to learn and further enjoy your love for Rocket League is encouraged. You will likely also meet people playing on several other platforms. Just saying.

    Featured | Rocket League Amino

    A community for all Rocket League players. New and old.

  2. Splatoon

    I’m in two Splatoon groups and I prefer each for different aspects. One of the groups, the first I’ll post, is great for tips and tricks. You’ll often see blog posts explaining how to best use certain weapons, or reviews of them. You’ll also find artwork and while much of their artwork is great, it’s the second group, “Splatoon 2>>”, that I personally gravitate to for the artwork. That’s not a knock against the first group, it’s simply a matter of opinion and preference in styles. At the end of the day, I still check in for the artwork in both groups. So much artwork.

    Featured | Splatoon Amino

    Play and talk about Splatoon and Splatoon 2 with players internationally!


    Featured | Splatoon2》 Amino

    The Fastest Growing And Most Active Amino For Splatoon2, #1 Area In Inkopolis!

  3. Super Smash Bros.

    Another game I’m in two groups for, but it’s the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate group I’m going to highlight simply because the game itself launches in only a few weeks. This time you’ll find user-generated guides on how to use certain characters, as well as characters fans hope will eventually make it into the game, no matter how unlikely it may be at times. All in all, another fun group you should check out!

    Featured | Smash Ultimate Amino

    Everyone is here!

  4. Pokemon Go
    This group often has users posting their rewards from an adventure they’ve gone on as they hunt Pokemon. Like the other groups, you’ll also find a lot of fan art that you may really enjoy, including ‘what-ifs’ which take a Pokemon or two and mix them, or their features. With Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee out now, this group’s certainly getting pretty active.

    Featured | Pokemon GO Amino

    GO Catch Em’ All

If you join a group or two, let them know CapAmerica from sent you! I go by the same username there so you can find me if you want to.



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