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We hope you are enjoying Nintendo Fanatics and all it has to offer! We’re simply Nintendo fans, just like you. We thought the idea of starting a Nintendo fan-base site would be neat, but the idea of creating communities for the more competitive games felt more adventurous. A little something for everybody!

Primarily, Nintendo Fanatics exists to relay official Nintendo news, as well as our own blogs (or rants) and reviews of anything Nintendo-related. We are proud nonetheless to offer Clan Wars and communities in order to let our registered users have a little more fun with the site. As the site grows, we will continue to monitor it and make changes that may improve features.

We are all doing this for free* on our own time. We will not be asking you for any money for the work we do to this website. However, please do feel free to browse our Shop page, or our Zazzle page, where we will have Nintendo-inspired merchandise posted. Select products listed will have proceeds going directly back into the website in order to purchase things such as more server space. *All other products listed will of course support our tiny staff, and we certainly appreciate any support!

For questions about Clans, or Zazzle, or anything else, please refer to our FAQ page.

If you have any questions there are no answers to, or just something to say about this site, please contact us using the form below. Your questions will help us as we work on filling out our FAQ section going forward.

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