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Welcome To Nintendo Fanatics!

A site for all Nintendo fans to read up on news, check out our reviews, and find just about anything Nintendo-related. But this isn’t just some web-zine. We encourage our registered users to find or create their own Teams and challenge others in all sorts of Nintendo online multiplayer games.

On Nintendo Fanatics, we’ve made Communities possible so you can meet new online friends, add them and send messages, join one another’s Teams or Clans, talk about your gaming on the forums with everyone else, all while easily keeping up to date on the latest Nintendo information.

Clan Wars lets you pick an opposing team and challenge them at specific times. You can and should add your Team members’ Friend Codes so you can easily join in the Private battles in the game. And with our private messaging, you can keep contact with your team to make sure everyone is coordinated. Pretty handy!

Got questions about Creating, joining or challenging Clans? Read our FAQ page.

And the best part. When your Team comes out victorious, you can come back here and record your score for all other Teams to see. Put some fear into the next Clan to challenge you!

Join Communities, battle opponents, or be notified about new posts. All you have to do is:

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